[Anydesk] PC without Monitor Resolution Problem

Dear Garuda community

I run an "energy saving computer" with Garuda - XFCE as a download server without a screen, without keyboard and mouse. I operate the computer via anydesk. The following problem arises: When I connect a screen, I set the resolution to the correct 1920x1080. If I remove the screen, the computer goes back to a 1024 * 768. I cannot change this with "Settings" "Display" because no monitor is connected.

Can someone help me as I can set it to 1920x1080?

Thanks in advance and best regards from Austria
from the enthusiastic Garuda user

If I use server PC without screen I dont need screen resolution :slight_smile:
Why you?

mmhh, anydesk is not needed for server PC. maybe use mc (Midnight Commander) for better view.

Or just ask

* AnyDesk Software GmbH


The "Download PC" is in the technical room and is on the network. I work on another PC (my desktop in the office) and I operate the Download PC from the Office PC via Remote Software (Anydesk).
I add a picture from the workplace. On the left is the download PC on screen 2 and on the right is my work screen 1. Both screens are connected to the work computer in the office

This is paid-for software, so please use their support channels.

Or, read the Arch wiki:



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