Any way to re-order the Maximize, Minimize and close window decorations on KDE Dragonized

I really like the look and style, and I found a way to change that in the top bar, but not within the windows. I come from a history of Windows and Mac so having the maximize button be in the middle is totally wrong to me

So for example, the bar at the top has it ordered as I’d like (Since I edited it) (Close, minimize, maximize) but the window that is open and not fullscreen is still set to the delete, maximize, minimize

I feel like I’m missing something obvious

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Have you tried with Settings → Appearance → Window decorations → Titlebar buttons and drag & drop the buttons to move them there in that titlebar?


Well @filo actually said this :

photo from KDE-5 inside debian live usb session, should be the same in KDE-6


Thank you. This got it for me. With the Dragonized version I’m still getting accustom to the layout so their version of a “pin” didn’t register as what I thought it would be

It’s nice. But its very different stylistically so it’ll take me some time to get accustom to

And I was right, it was something obvious

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The solution came from filo, I changed it.

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