Any wallpaper engine alternative for garuda dragonized KDE?

hey guys!!

Are there any custom live wallpaper builders like wallpaper engine for garuda kde?

What's a live wallpaper builder? Can you share an example of one?

Wallpaper Engine is Windows-only afaik. Never tried to run it with Wine, but that's an idea. :slight_smile: Maybe worth a shot.

@shayaknyc On Windows, Wallpaper Engine allows videos to be used as wallpaper, I believe that's what OP meant.


Yes, wallpaper engine is available on KDE.

You just have to go to wallpaper settings, install that plugin and follow the steps written above.

Alternatively, you can use smart video wallpaper plugin in case you have only video to set as wallpaper.


Thanks man !!

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In wallpaper engine you can kind of edit and customize wallpapers.
I meant that kind of tool.
although it can also be done through little bit of html and js.(or any kind of GIF editor if you do not want it to react to the cursor)
also it can run videos as wallpapers.

You have separate plugin for that

And that too

They are generally more efficient than wallpaper engine. KDE has some really good wallpaper plugins besides the above ones

I really appreciate Plasma desktop for these awesome plugins (and extensions)


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