Any solution for pamac-all

We all know what this is about aka

pamac-manager: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Which there's a solution for with regular pamac but of course I opted to use pamac-all for the (insecure) goodies. Any fix for pamac-all?

I had been holding back pacman and pamac-all. Just tried the regular fix but apparently doesn't apply to pamac-all.

edit: Or maybe there's some way to run both (I realize how bad that potentially sounds). I'd probably have to chroot (Tedious) just to do that?

Hello @zensin,

I found something, have a look here:

It seems, that it has to do with the pacman 6.0 update.

Quote from one commentor:

Panch93: pacman was updated recently. All AUR helpers have similar issues. recompile and do a fresh install of pamac and it should work.


Thanks but that's just for pamac/pamac-aur. I guess I just have to wait until pamac-all is updated. Maybe it's close behind. Manjaro (I think that's who maintains it) should coordinate between their packages better. I'm pretty sure they maintain all of these. Having to hold back pacman is no good.

yay -Gc pamac-all | grep -A1 "2021-06-11 08:44"
yay -Syu

The package libalpm12 was in the repos until very recently - maybe try that?


I have to get back to being a hewer of wood and a drawer of water now. Like all good Canadians, cutting my winter firewood supply, planting new fruit trees, tending and watering all the new growth.

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Why not replace pamac-all and the other pamac packages currently installed, since they are the pre libalpm13 and pre pacman 6 version, with pamac-aur?

In manjaro land, pamac has been fully updated to work with pacman 6 and Zeph the AUR maintainer has the latest pkgbuild.


  1. upgrade system , including pacman to ver 6
  2. if you have to remove pamac-all and the other pamac packages installed from the garuda repos, do it.
  3. install pamac-aur from AUR.