Any Scanners that work with Arch Linux distros

I’m looking into scanners for my art and since I’m running an Arch distro do I have to buy certain brands of scanners that work on Arch or Arch based distros or do I just have to buy one and run SANE on it?


Are any of the scanners on your list Brother by chance? I've had a plug-and-play experience with my scanner on garuda. Brother also has pretty decent linux support.


If you buy a scanner that is a few years old, there is a good chance you can use it with Linux. A lot of times it is as simple as installing a package for driver support and you are good to go.

Find a scanner you like, and before you buy it do a web search for "XYZ scanner Linux" or "XYZ scanner Linux drivers" and see what comes up. If it seems like people are getting it working, go for it.


I’ve heard of Brother but I was looking into the Fujifilm scanners, but I might look at some of the Brother ones

epson scanners work well their are drivers in AUR for them you just need the correct one.