Answer questions more often

These plans are good but, you guys have to answer more questions. Because Garuda is a fairly new Linux distro, and people have many different questions about it; including me.
I hope we get our answers more often.

Such as?

We can't answer questions that we unaware of. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


No I’m not saying that;
I’ve posted some questions which are not answered yet, and I need to know their answers, now you say what should I do?

We're not mind readers, I have no idea what questions you speak of.

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I would suggest also merch ! Would love to drink my coffee from my Garuda cup :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Besides that the plan really looks great, I really wish that that the community can understand how important is to support the things you like and you use for free, as free as a bird :slight_smile:


This thought was readily shared and declared resolved.

You have three posts total, and the one with a question was posted just after your first post in this thread.


And that one was answered three minutes after you posted it.


How old should be a distro to be called "old". And does it really matters?

Also, we didn't force you to use Garuda Linux you are free to use windows 97, if you like :wink: