And what can i do to give good look

and what can i do to give good look


If you want to show your screenshot, you are in the right place on

if you have questions about the redesign, #community:showcase
is wrong. Use Issues & Assistance - Garuda Linux Forum


Along with showing the screenshot, I was also asking if I can make any more changes in it.

Thank you

Using Showcase for help requests messes up the forum structure.

Then make two posts, the images in screenshots ,and the question to make it pretty, with link to the photos, in the help forum.
Or just one in the help area.

By the way, I like the KDE dragonized original better.

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So do Ii more professional

You can use conky manager.

Secondly, see themes on Sreenshots thread, linked already by SGS or, you can visit

For ideas and themes. I hope you get the idea.

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