And the winner is... Garuda!

After a half year using Garuda and sneaking around in the forum, I have to present myself!

I am an 70 year old now retired musician, worked as principal viola player of Malmö Symphony Orchestra for 45 years. My first computer was a Amiga 500 back in the 80’s moving over to a Amiga 3000 for making 3D animations. Had to move to Macintosh for page-editing and printing brochures and posters. In 2013 I made my first Hackintosh as I couldn’t accept the pricing of new mac’s and has been stuck there until now. I tried Windows for a short while but ooh no.

Then I read about Garuda somewhere on internet and decided to give it a try. That was the best decision ever!

I’m very grateful to all of you who have created Garuda and the great community in the forum!
Not a single problem worth mentioning since I switched. All I have to do is to check the forum for information or links to information that would solve those small things mostly created by my own fiddling and mistakes.

Today I play World of Warcraft (started back in 2008 together with my sons) with my wife who runs Garuda on an iMac 2015 witch also is working perfect (meaning the Imac :P). Using Digikam for handling thousands of old photos and so on.

Once again thank you all in the Garuda-team who has made this a great experience!


Thank you so much for those kind words!

Which Garuda DE are you using?

That is how it should be when hardware is spot on, you are careful at what you do on your system and you take care of updates the right way.


What a positive testament to Garuda’s user friendliness. I am also an older user, and I find it very encouraging that an older user that has never used Linux can transition so painlessly to Garuda. How hard it is In this day and age to find users that exhibit such a “can do” attitude.

Congrats, cheers, and welcome to the Garuda community @Thalaes. :beers:


I’m using the gaming-iso from 240428 with linux-clear kernel believing it makes my pc a bit snappier and gives a few more fps when gaming. But linux-zen has also been working well on my hardware.
Though being total noob to Linux one can always search for information that will help to solve problems. Learned from many years of hackintoshing internet is a never ending flood of information but one have to be careful with the things you find out there. :smiley:


Thank you for your kind words!
I believe that keep on learning new things will keep your mind young even if the body tells you the opposite :wink: . Working together with young people has given me new knowledge on how to solve things and an open mind to what differs from my experience.
Cheers :beers: