Amdgpu regression in 5.13

There's a series of regressions in amdgpu in kernel 5.13, e.g. 5.13.1 amdgpu black screen / [testing] Repo Forum / Arch Linux Forums

These were fixed in 5.14rc3 but haven't yet made their way into 5.13.

The current workarounds:

  • use linux-lts
  • use linux-mainline
  • use the amdgpu.dc=0 kernel boot parameter

I wouldn't find it bad idea to post this in Special Announcements that is used from Garuda System Maintenance app.
This could be public info IMHO.
Any idea?

Edit: I checked my AMD laptop is long past 5.13.1-4, is on 5.13.7 and haven't noticed an issue. Maybe I was lucky... :grin:


Not necessarily lucky, but this only seems to affect a small number of systems (which is why it wasn't picked up). For example, my laptop is a weird one as it has a desktop Ryzen 1700 and RX580 in it (which is both cool and not cool due to the fairly rubbish thermal management :expressionless:).


Sounds like a good idea to me!
Even if a small amount of people is actually affected this its still a quite breaking experience for most people who suffer from it :thinking:


Hi, I have already tried amdgpu.dc=0, gets stuck at “starting version 249.2-1-arch” I gave up after 1h.
There is no option to get Linux-mainline on the live Garuda version.
What about Linux-lts ? Is there a special Garuda iso ? How does it work? What can I do with that?

Garuda barebones editions ship with the LTS kernel, as does Garuda XFCE.

This is a development thread, please keep help requests to the Issues and Assistance sub-forum.


I have a all amd machine, with a integrated and a discrete amd gpu, currently on 5.13.7 no issues encountered till now.

Have you guys thought of making a high priority update system? which periodically checks a server to get a list of "high priority" updates made by you guys, and asks the users if they want to update or not.Because the updating the whole system is a little bit of a risky job if not done properly so many new users stay away from updating the system as a whole, updating high priority stuff with their dependencies will be really beneficial IMO

This is not how Archlinux works. Rolling rolls or freezes. There is no alternative.
To get what you are asking for, you can find it in other types of distros, like Debian and Manjaro.


I didn't meant a force update but a notifier to the users that there seems to be a problem in this version of this package please downgrade/upgrade