AMDGPU On Terrascale

I have an apu laptop with a terrascale gpu (Radeon HD 6620G (sumo)) amdgpu doesn't support this card. The radeon driver does, but i wanted to try the amdgpu driver so i took a snap enabled boot snap and blacklisted the radeon driver enabled amdgpu in grub and then updated grub and system seems to think its still running the radeon driver however 10 bit hevc h.265 video looks amazing and everything else seems more smooth and responsive i had one issue, vlc had jitter images wiggling kind of so i changed vlc video output to openGL and now this system seems like a different computer.

has anyone else tried this ? i think this could add a much more rich feature set for people forced to use the radeon driver especially content creators.

The tutorials i found to do this don't work on garuda for a few reason but i know arch a bit so i figured it out, its pretty simple i had to find out were the grub config was and also needed nano cause kate cant be trusted .

what is your experience with this driver under terrascale? And would anyone like me to make a write up so they can try this for themselves.