AMD or Nvidia GPU for Garuda

As of 2023, which runs better on Linux?
Which one should I pick considering I'd like to run some games on it via Steam Proton?

Are the Proprietary drivers on Nvidia good enough or should I go straight to AMD ?

Always AMD. Nvidia still has driver issues with Wayland and X11 is dying. The drivers are awful (because nvidia doesn't give a crap)

Or as Linyos Torovoltos said it

Performance is just overall better on AMD because the drivers actually work, and they are even open source


Yeah.. I read up on the Nvidia drivers (in 2022) which simply arent optmized and hit a "wall" in games like Elden Ring.

Well I opened this thread because I have limited understanding in this topic.

Yea... tho Nvidia does work, AMD is actually working with the community and the drivers are directly integrated in the kernel. It's just less of a headache... and afaik actually gives better performance (when compared to Windows benchmarks).


As subtopic, I wonder how long does it take for someone to achieve a Linux based gaming OS where it start having native titles.. and let's say has more significant success.

It can't be too difficult since Sony Playstation 4 seems to run on a FreeBSD base. Just read about it I think that's quite cool.

Steam Deck is a step in the right direction but It still relies heavily on the ProtonDB. Native should run better? I dont know man :smiley:

Thats cool... I still kind of do not get how does the kernel handle so many drivers and it is only like hundreds MBs in weight.

Wow can of worms? :smiley:
I,ve done nividia and amd in windows and linux
If you want the best nvidia? :smiley:
it just works and always has in linux for a very long time except many years ago you just have to except there terms?
If you do not then amd?

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Why settle for the same old? The Intel ARC has drivers built into the kernel and works out of the box on Linux (6.0+ kernel needed).


just as AMD does.

The question is what you wanna do with it. The Intel cards do have nice features. They work well in benchmarks and productivity and are a very good options when you wanna stream for example as a second card.

When it comes to gaming however they are still behind. They blame it on the drivers, I cannot judge that. The page you're linking does have MSRP-prices I guess? Because where I live, in Germany, you can get an RX6600XT for less than an ARC770. And in gaming the 6600XT beats the Intel-card plenty.

I'm not saying don't get an Arc. But AMD-cards work out of the box as well and - right now - give, in gaming, better performance for less money, at least in moderately priced cards.

It always depends on the use-case. If you are heavily depended on CUDA for example you "probably" should get an Nvidia-card. But as I understand it, the use-case is gaming. And, at least in Germany, when it comes to gaming in Linux you get the best performance for your money with AMD.

When it comes to high-end I guess there's no way around an 4090. If you wanna spend 2000€ for a GPU.

However I also feel like it's a very good thing that Intel entered the market. And those are their first cards, which are already promising. I'm sure they'll have a bigger impact with their future generations on the market.


Life has been so much better after I switched to AMD and Wayland. No system freezes.

Yes.. AMD it is, likely. Nvidia said it open sourced the drivers, so who knows, maybe in a couple of years it will work better.

I see no need to stay on Nvidia necessarily, both make good GPUs. Of course competition is the driving force here for the consumers.

That's it? Go AMD.