AMD GPU fans not working on startup

Yeah, you guys were right. Just ran the benchmark tool on CP2077, uncapped the framerate and had the graphics set to RT: Ultra and the card was pinned at nearly 100% and temps were ~50C and i did alt-tab to corectrl and the fans did spin up. Got about 30FPS with those settings, fyi.

I think i got so used to having the GPU fans always be on when i was on my Win10 PC that i thought something was off when i couldn’t get them to spin up on here. Sorry if i wasted any of you guys’ time with this. But thanks for taking the time to help me.


Oh and i also found out that on CoreCtrl’s GitLab FAQ page that RX 7000 series GPUs have an override fan control interface at the driver level, so that could be why the fans don’t kick on until the GPU takes on a heavy load. Thought that was kinda interesting.

That’s exactly what the community is there for :slight_smile:

btw: if you can’t get the amdgpu-fan.service to work, just try reinstalling amdgpu-fan. Maybe it’s just a broken package.

Try setting up fan curve in corectrl, if you want to start at lower temps

I’ve done that multiple times and it always seems to fail every time i try to start it.

Check if you have python, python-numpy and python-yaml installed. If so, just try reinstalling the packages.

Your card is not broken, it works as intended.
All graphics cards have a standard fan curve in the firmware that works regardless of the operating system or software tools installed.

The amdgpu-fan.service only provides the api/interfaces for custom fan curves. If you don’t need custom fan curves, simply remove amdgpu-fan and the card will control its fans independently.

Personally, I think all of these tools are just a gimmick.
K.I.S.S. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, i did reinstall the packages and reinstalled amdgpu-fan, still kept giving me that error. So i just decided to uninstall it and just let the card’s firmware deal with the fan curve.

Problem solved, case closed :slight_smile:

Mark the post from @Thee_Sly_Guy as solution, he has already given you the correct explanation.

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Use LACT. My RX7800XT doesn’t work with CoreCtrl right either by now, LACT works fine.

(Although Fanstop apparantly cannot be disabled)

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