Amazon prime full HD in Linux

Hello everyone,

I hope that is the right place to post this question.
I have an Amazon prime sub, but I cant watch it normally in Full HD on linux. Because full hd seems like 480p. Has anyone got any suggestions pls?:slight_smile:

thank you in advance!


Please try other browsers, like brave, chromium etc to see if it is browser specific issue.


Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to bypass their shitty DRM in Linux. With Netflix at least we have a Firefox extension for it.


I put AZFT 4K on 4K monitor, pop up from amazon, wrong HDMI cable :slight_smile:
I must by cable from amazon? :wink:

Full HD is 720p, 1080p?
If I watch 480p on YT is much more bad then my amazon picture.


ill try it thank you :slight_smile:

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Please ask Amazon for help - you're paying them for a service.


Tried brave, and also tried the amazon like app from the "store" but also have the same problem. Under the "best" option it only says 1.17gb/hour, on windows it is like 4gb/hour. I don't know it is a built in maximizer for some reason, or anything. I'm kinda new to linux, so.. :'D
Anyways, thanks for the replays, I'm going to contact amazon.


Vivaldi just did some changes to how video services like Prime are handled. Might be worth your time to take a look at it.


thank you, going to check it!:slight_smile:

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Maybe the vivaldi-widevine make the difference?
but it is


Sorry but I honestly couldn't tell you. My roommate and I share an account And on the monitor as long as I'm getting 720p I'm happy.


What I can tell you is if I install Vivaldi, it's ffmpeg, and it's webvine when I install Chrome Vivaldi's Webvine is replaced with Chrome's.

No, Linux desktops cannot stream 1080p. It's something I've done a bit of research on the past several months, starting back in August when HBO Max's strict DRM precluded streaming to Linux (it's now fixed).

There are browser extensions purported to stream Netflix et al, and maybe they worked awhile back, but no longer. It's the same with all of them; Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

I discovered it when I had to re-install Win 10 Pro, for which this desktop is licensed, in order to run HBO Max, as I say, back in August. Huge difference in the South Park characters, as one example, even though HBO Max doesn't have any visible quality settings. It's the difference between Flatland and Sphereland; Two dimensions vs. three dimensions.

We haven't owned a T.V. since 2013, and my wife and I subscribe to three streaming services at present, but we rotate between a half-dozen depending on their current content. After all these years of using strictly Linux, it galls me to be forced into using Windows because Linux just isn't up to the job.

AND I never fully realized it, because I was just happy having streaming anything in Linux. But if I'm going to pay about $40 USD a month for fun and learning, I want to get what I pay for. Ergo, Window 10 Pro is my current desktop of choice on this desktop machine...but not by choice. Grrr

I can't code in C worth a shit anymore or I'd do something about it myself. :crying_cat_face:

P.S. At least I can konsole myself by the fact I do run Linux on two laptops. :wink:


It's not that Linux isn't up to the job. It's that the streaming restrict things from their end.

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If that were true, then shouldn't browser Useragents take care of the problem? They don't (tried that). Nor does the Microsoft's Linux version (dev) of their Edge browser handle 1080p (tried that one, too).

Interestingly, running Chrome under WINE is reported to work (didn't try this one and I'm not gonna...or a VM).

But who knows..."perhaps the horse will learn to speak." :smiley:


P.S. I had just about talked myself into re-installing Arch, plus ZRam, BTRFS and Timeshift (He Who Requests To Not Be Pinged is its Maintainer.) I've done so much reading on them lately, all due to Garuda, that I'd like to practice what I've learned. That's the kind of hands-on fun stuff can't be done with Windows...although at age-68, I'm not sure it can be called 'fun.' :wink:


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Okay so I contacted amazon, and they said they cannot do anything about that, because of the quality of the videos are automated, and it detects the capability of your device. So I am kinda sad : <


That is the point why we has make the wiki.

Without info about hardware we must use our magical crystal ball

oops on vacation :slight_smile:


Sorry I am kinda new to all of this linux and process thing.
So I am running the gaming version of Garuda on a Lenovo Ideapad L340 with 12gb ram, and using Brave for searching the internet.

No problem.
That was a hint for the future and for all who read along here.

Better use Firefox with duckduckgo but it is all up to you.


i don't know if it helps but kodi makes it on there apps with downloading widwine its very easy to use only the right pachages must be load i know that because it's also useful for receiver and other stuff

if you want help i can give you a little bit help when you want it on that way don't be afraid to ask