Alt+Tab Between Browser Tabs

Is there anyway to Alt+Tab between browser Tabs?

I'm so use to this functionality in Windows, I can Alt+Tab between browser Tabs and Applications at the same time.

The keybinding for cycling through browser tabs will depend on what browser you are using. For Firefox or a Firefox-based browser, Ctrl+Tab switches tabs based on recent usage, and Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+PageDn switch to the tab on the left or on the right.


Well, I might have to seriously consider switching from Vivaldi for this feature alone. Hopefully Firefox has well-functioning vertical tabs.

EDIT: Hopefully this works in Linux.

Vivaldi has the same default keybindings, actually. In Vivaldi you can change the keybindings to be whatever you want though. Just type "tab" in the search bar in settings and it should come right up for you:

Again, Vivaldi has much more robust tab management options than any other browser so I would not talk you out of it if that is what you are interested in. Vertical tabs are only the beginning! :laughing:

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I've actually messed around with that already. It only cycles forward and back. Firefox having Ctrl+Tab for recent usage and moving forward and back is super nice. It's very similar to Edge Alt+Tab functionality on Windows which is super smooth.

It's there, it's just not set by default--you have to assign the keybinding you like to it.

You can take Ctrl+Tab off of the other one if you like and use that, or add whatever keybinding you use in the Edge browser if you want. Endless possibilities! :grinning:

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