Allowing .txt files for logs

Pasting inxi and log files makes webpage cluttered
Pastebin services are permanent and a privacy hazard
SO why I cant attach .txt files for logs and inxi in forum while creating issues ?

You can set our PrivateBin to expire pastes after a certain period if that's a major concern of yours. Also, formatting the output correctly prevents cluttering although long outputs are still preferred to be pasted to our PrivateBin instance.


Yes , but please allow .txt files as attachments coz its one un-necessary step while reporing an error or log

I also dont think .txt files can be dangerous

Is there actually any difference between uploading a .txt here which will be kept forever and pasting it to a paste bin service?

Downloading and opening the .txt file also causes more than one unnecessary step for everyone who wants to read them. Click download, select download location, open the file, remove the file vs clicking the link and being able to read the output instantly. If it's one step more for you vs 3-4 steps more for everyone involved in helping voluntarily, I'd definitely choose the first option :innocent:


but most of the new user can post in correct format the terminal outputs




I didn't thought about the inconvenience for others

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I agree that the pastebin is better. I would prefer not to have to download extra files to my computer or phone to read someone's error messages or whatever.


In my browser, Dark Reader doesn't work with PasteBin, so I don't open it (anymore). It blinds my eyes too much.
Jumping from tab to tab and back again, I do not like too :slight_smile:

Anyone can copy your PasteBin onto their computer forever. Even an expiry date (in PasteBin) is of no use.

I agree, it can be quite a shock to the senses. Gotta remember to throw on some shades before you click the link. :sunglasses:

It looks like PrivateBin has a dark template available: Templates · PrivateBin/PrivateBin Wiki · GitHub

@dr460nf1r3 * @ SGS do you think there is any way we can get the Garuda PrivateBin switched over to this dark template?

* SGS ping Nico :slight_smile:


For some reason Dark Reader worked for me :thinking:

Anyways, the dark template is enabled now! If you think there is another useful option to toggle in the config file, let me know :slight_smile:


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