Alacritty looks and behaves weird

hey guys so I tried garuda kde dr460nized and it just wasn't for me because of poor touchscreen support. gnome does better but I don't like it. So I switched to wayfire and overall I like it better it seems faster and every touch works as expected, except for one thing: alacritty. alacritty doesn't fit with the theme at all the window minimize maximize and close buttons are different and the padding is beige.
here is a screenshot of how it looks

also I cannot move it around with the touchscreen or use the window buttons

Use some other, from the "thousends" of terminal/konsole, in the linux world. :slight_smile:

Maybe some fit in wayfire to your liking, I don't know whether it is possible in Wayfire to change the appearance via the view setting of the terminal or system settings.


how do I install the same konsole that is available on the dr460nized kde?


It should be already installed. Just shortcuts would be different.

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