Alacritty Initial Setup Assistant


I had previously suspected I had missed out on something but without direct knowledge of what that was, it never progressed beyond a suspicion, however, I just started watching the Tyler's Tech review of Garuda and quickly my suspicion was confirmed; I never got a chance to run through Alacritty's Initial Setup Assistant. Now, while I make sure to walk through all the initial setup prompts as a rule of thumb, I know better than to claim it was missing from my install. Likely a case of user error or closing the window unknowingly, etc. but the end result is the same. I believe at this point I've addressed much of what would've been addressed by walking through that process but I'm terribly OCD and would like to complete the initial setup now if there's a way to do so. I did a quick search and didn't see anything (further suggesting that this was on me). Any help would be appreciated, is there a command to initiate initial setup?

Also, hi and thanks for having me :slight_smile:

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If you already updated your system you can use the start menu to launch the setup assistant. It was reworked to have a UI lately and its functionality to install things improved :slight_smile:

Beautiful. Thanks for the speedy, helpful response! I did update my system, setup mirror list etc. but I think I'll check this out anyway to make sure all my i's are dotted and my t's are crossed. Thanks again!


What about the lowercase j’s, everyone always forgets the lowercase j’s :cry:


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Perhaps we need to find a special font package where all the letters are crossed for responding to help vampires on the forum. :rofl:


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I really appreciate the direction that this went in since I last checked in, well-played all :clap: