Alacritty default configuration

Following a couple of topics regarding alacritty, I noticed that we still ship by defalut alacritty 0.9.0-1 but recently changed the /etc/skel/.config/alacritty/alacritty.yml with the new structure from alacritty-git 1:0.10.
E.g. the new default has opacity: 0.6 instead of background_opacity: 0.6, so, if a user with alacritty 0.9.0-1 resets to the default values with Garuda Assistant will have troubles, at least with that opacity (the only other thing which changed I think was the font size...).
Wouldn't it be better to ship alacritty-git by default?


This is indeed an issue now that you mention it :eyes:
Shipping alacritty-git for this purpose seems like a rather bad solution though, I'd rather revert the change until stable Alacritty version gets pushed :thinking: what do you think?


I agree.
In my opinion the reset should be consistent with the shipped version, so we should revert that.
In the end who decides to use a git version normally should know what to do to address those small issues...


I agree :blush:


What about the user possibly needing this.
I don't think it is necessary to update the garuda-dr460nized settings package only for this, right?
Is it enough to comment opacity: 0.6 and add background_opacity: 0.6 (or whatever values) in his own .config/alacritty/alacritty.yml?

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Exactly, thats how it works :grin:

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