After upgrade unable to boot

I updated my system this morning now im unable to boot into my machine :frowning:

Booting 'Garuda, on linux-tkg-pds'

error: sparse file now allowed.
Loading kernel linux-tkg-pds ...
Loading initial ram disk ...

Press any key to continue ..._

You seem to have messed with grub config.

Did you do what it says

Press enter

You are correct i did edit my grub config here is what i changed,

Screenshot from 2020-12-17 15-36-41

and yes i did what it says press enter, and all i get is a black screen :frowning:

Hmm then just restore to working snapshot

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i know i can return to a snapshot, i just wanted to report my problem to you and see what caused it and how it can be fixed.

editing thee grub with your built in app should not break my system

That isnt problem it will only give sparse file error and continue booting

I think kernel upgrade might have caused issues

but it does not continue to boot this is the problem

I had this issue when enabling "saving last choice", a btrfs related grub bug :thinking:


ok i will revert the changes i made to the grub config with the gui app and then reboot and hopefully it will work

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I reverted the changes i made to the grub gui app and my machine boots perfect now.

so there is a bug like @dr460nf1r3 said.

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