After update on garuda cinnamon unable to change wallpapers

After Latest update garuda cinnamon is not showing wallpaper in change desktop background utility. What to do?

Post your garuda-inxi :slight_smile:

Maybe you must reboot, who knows.

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CPU: 10-core (2-mt/8-st) 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1255U (-MST AMCP-)
speed/min/max: 2250/400/4700:3500 MHz Kernel: 6.4.7-zen1-3-zen x86_64 Up: 31m
Mem: 4.55/15.35 GiB (29.6%) Storage: 476.94 GiB (28.5% used) Procs: 330
Shell: fish inxi: 3.3.28.

I rebooted system but did not helped

Please post the terminal/konsole input and output as text (no pictures) from the following command:


Same problem perhaps?

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