After the Upgrade Theme Gets Broken

Hello, after upgrade theme gets broken

Thanks to the brfs I can revert but how can I solve this?

These packages are upgrading
To upgrade (10):
python-vdf 3.3-2 (3.3-1) chaotic-aur
poppler-glib 20.12.0-1 (20.10.0-1) extra
plasma-desktop 5.20.4-2 (5.20.4-1) extra
poppler-qt5 20.12.0-1 (20.10.0-1) extra
obs-studio-git 26.1.0.rc1.r11.gbf4ad780b-1 (26.1.0.rc1.r10.gaa713e07d-1) chaotic-aur
libreoffice-fresh 7.0.3-4 (7.0.3-3) extra
poppler 20.12.0-1 (20.10.0-1) extra
knetattach 5.20.4-2 (5.20.4-1) extra
hwinfo 21.71-1 (21.70-2) community 995,1 kB
garuda-dr460nized r65.ec95b27-1 (r61.1d4fa46-1) chaotic-aur 7,1 MB
To install (4):
kvantum-theme-sweet-git r157.93b2375-1 chaotic-aur
xcursor-sweet 20200612-1 chaotic-aur
sweet-theme-dark 1.10.5-1 chaotic-aur
beautyline 20201102-1 chaotic-aur

The garuda-dr460nized package just got changed to not have icons & themes in it if its used unmodified (instead we use sweet-theme dark etc. now)
Please upgrade and open Kvantum manager after that (theming is set via this) if the issue persists and search for Sweet (shouldve been installed by kvantum-theme-sweet-git)