(after 5.11.1-zen upgrade): dkms failed to build modules for nvidia-390xx

This is why I run a Ryzen 2600 and AMD RX580 - can't get a new GPU because 'miners' but when I can, it WILL be AMD.


At least where I am, some Ryzen CPUs just got in stock for the past few days.

On amazon.com right now, I can buy a ryzen 5 5600x and a ryzen 7 5800x if I wanted to.

The biggest unavailable product right now is graphics cards. They have basically just disappeared due to supply issues and cryptominers

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I want R9 5950X :blush: :innocent:


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Btw, just a personal thought.

Why do we need graphics cards at all (except for playing high end games, that usually don't work on Linux or for some least common processor that do not ship inbuilt GPU ) (or for graphics designing too)

I have never felt any need of buying dedicated GPU in development

And I am not gonna buy one, I am happy with integrated ones.


I don't game very often, I just like having a dedicated GPU for the extra headroom when I occasionally use flight simulators or have to do something like rendering in blender.


As the OP's graphics needs are very limited (I assume from the age of his current adapter) then it would seem onboard Vega graphics should be sufficient in his case.


Also, the R9 5950x is available on Amazon in Germany


If you want to pay 1400 euros

Edit: it also available in a bundle for a better price:

Overall, still way more, and I don't know how to navigate online shopping in foreign countries

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Haha, Fastest delivery: 3 - 7 Apr.
FREE shipping: 14 - 17 Apr.


Video editing (OBS, kdenlive etc.).
I can't use OBS with my old Intel (i3 embedded), but I can when using nvidia 390 addon.

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That comes under



Nah... video editing is clearly more demanding in resources :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


printers and scanners always have great parts -- just ask the Post Apocalyptic Inventor. chuck the circuit boards, plastic & gears, you get:

  • several motors
  • in some cases an optical sensor
  • some nice glass and high-quality scrap metal
  • a white reflective surface that can be great for diffuse lighting for a lamp, for photos or for balanced ambient light (useful for drawing/painting)
  • in some cases these gears can be useful, since they enable fairly simple lateral motion

high-end games, encoding video without jitter, winning Kaggle competitions or mining all that untapped shitcoin LOL

@jonathon i started to put together an Nvidia 418xx AUR package, but i'm a noob, so I don't know how far I will get with the patches needed for the driver. I looked into it and it says that the most recent version of the NVidia for my card is actually 418.

so if I can get an AUR package for it, then I should be able to just install the nvidia-sdk package from AUR and NVEnc should be supported. I will host this from Github first, but I hope I can get you and a few other AUR maintainers to take a look at it.

I looked at the source of these patches for multiple versions of the PKGBUILD's 4.16 and 5.11 and I found several things to add, but I didn't know of ediff in emacs at the time, so it was painful working with the patches and generating new ones. i figured out how to identify some but not all required changes by digging through NVidia's repos & API docs online.

What i don't understand is how TF my laptop was ever running Garuda Arch and able to stream on OBS with NVENC.... I can't remember properly, but I swear what's listed for drivers on NVidia's site had several versions of newer 390 drivers removed, which were there when I made this original post (i.e. the 390 drivers the AUR package currently installs are no longer listed when searching for my card). Instead, the most recent driver is now the 418, which was released on my birthday -- something I did notice at the time when i first searched but it was not the most recent driver -- and no 390 driver near the one distributed via AUR.

That's probably not worth the time - Nvidia don't maintain that driver so it won't compile for newer kernels and won't have any security fixes. You're probably better off trying 390xx (which is at least still supported by Nvidia).

Hmm. :thinking:

Just confirming, your card is supported by the 390xx driver series: Appendix A. Supported NVIDIA GPU Products


Any luck i have a Geforce 1650TI i cant find updated drivers as well.

You don't need to find updated drivers for the GTX1650ti. They're already in the repos.


I closed just now, we are on 5.12.14-zen :smiley: