Advice on with Installation on system with HDD and SSD


So I have been using Garuda till now in a dual boot configuration with Windows on my SSD and Garuda on my HDD.

After using it for a week now, I am positive that I want to leave my Windows days behind and use Garuda as my daily driver!

Now here are my questions...

First, I want to know if it's possible to install all the apps, software, and the Garuda OS on the SSD and all the heavy files like videos and images on the HDD?

Second, as far as I know, when I install Garuda on my SSD it will format the file system to btrfs.
However, I will also need to format my HDD (and remove the current Garuda installation from it).
When formating my HDD, how to ensure that it's also btrfs? And after the format, will I be able to store files on the HDD like I intend to?


  • Yes.
  • Use GParted (or KDE Partition Manager) and choose btrfs.
  • Yes. And mount it in fstab using the UUID.

This is a non standard install that I am typing about here.

I have an nvme ssd that I installed Garuda on. I created a lvm partition with 100GB on the nvme and the whole 1tb hdd. I then used the nmve to use as a lvm cache for the hdd. The stats seem to show a hit rate of around 65-75% I can definitely tell when an odd file isn't in the cache.

I used ext4 at first because I wasn't sure about errors when writing with a cache. I now am using btrfs on the lvm and have not had an error in a month. I mounted subvolumes just as garuda uses them.

I used this site for a starting point.

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