Add xow tool to the Garuda Gamer menu


Is it a good idea to add xow tool to the Garuda Gamer menu, so the installation of it will be done in one click?

I use an Xbox One wireless controller, and this tool is needed to make a dumb dongle work. I installed it today and it works perfectly for me, but maybe installation from the menu will save somebody's time, who knows.

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Easier installation is great, but also just making it easy to enable that compatibility without folks having to search the web and potentially (if not probably) end up trying something(s) out of date or do not work.
E2A: Of course, this only helps if people have their glasses on when using the Garuda Gamer <smirks @YUART >

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There is already an option in Garuda gamer since long time ago



it is allready in gamer app .. but at me and many others have problems with libusb 1.0.24 it brings 100% cpu to one core . downgrade to 1.023 fixed it .. see


Xow is here indeed. Probably I need to buy glasses or something. Thread can be closed.

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