Add web-service: Breezewiki

Breezewiki is a FANDOM front end where you can view all wiki articles from FANDOM without the endless annoying ADs and Recomendations you face. (Like nitter and co.) It also redirects you to independent non profit focused wiki if there are any available, boosting the independent communitys since FANDOM wikis tend to be higher on search results then non profit wikis.

It is made by the developer cadence who had developed Biblogram, a front end for Instagram, but stopped it because of problems caused by Instagram.

I would really appriciate it if you add it since I also own an independent wiki and like many others like me are suffering because of the FANDOM tyranny.

Official site:
Source code: cadence/breezewiki: An alternative frontend for Fandom. - breezewiki - Gitdab
Dev official site: contact cadence

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I do not see how that will benefit the community at all, you can just use an adblocker, don't you?


Even with an adblocker the sites are still unreadable and are costing to many resources on ones side. Plus it doesnt remove anything. With Breezewiki you also get latest information on topics since most up to date are in the idependent once.

With the community aspect, well since we have a gamer base I would see that it would contribute to that. Generally if you want to get into a topic like a show, a game or generally anything more in depth you will mostly go to a wiki which focuses on that and 90% is a FANDOM one.

The Libredirect browser extension supports redirecting Fandom sites to BreezeWiki, and has eight different instances you can choose from already built in by default:

I agree with edu4rdshl, I'm not sure a Garuda-specific instance will offer much to the community but then again it is not up to me.