Add remove software is broken-missing

I am missing the add remove software from Garuda Welcome Window.
At first the button was there, but not working, then did followed the recommended link to YT video to solve.
After those instructions now the link and several others are missing.
Then did another forum read and did the:

garuda-update remote fix

curl | grep -Eo '^[^ ]+' | paru -Syu --needed -

Can’t remember the other icons missing now but there are a couple I think.
Here is what is showing:
Garuda Assistant
Garuda Gamer
Garuda Settings manager
GarudaNetwork Assistant
Partition Manager
BTRFS Assistant
Garuda Boot Options

The most recent version of the Garuda Welcome app does not have add/remove software. A few other things were removed last year as well.

The primary reason it was removed is because we don’t want to encourage people to use Pamac. It’s a good tool for searching for software or whatever, but when people use it for installing things or updating their system it tends to cause issues.

Yep, that looks right. garudawelcome.cpp · master · Garuda Linux 🦅 / Applications / Garuda Welcome · GitLab


Ok where then do you add software apps?

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The only supported way is to install apps with Pacman in the terminal. You are of course welcome to install and use whatever software front end you like, including Pamac. Other popular options include Octopi (GUI) and Pacseek (TUI), which you can install with Pacman.

sudo pacman -S pacseek

We took Pamac out of the ISO because including it by default seemed like we were announcing that we approved of its usage, but those who follow the forum closely know that it actually causes a lot of problems for folks who choose to use it.


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