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Add/remove software button is not working. When clicked window disappears, and reappears. I tried full system update I have messed with paceman, I have searched forums and I cannot seem to get it working, if necessary I can reinstall the os on this computer.

More detail needed, please.

You can include any terminal output as text, or if it is very long paste it into and link to it.


Its the Add/remove software button and I do not know how to run that via terminal

$ pamac-manager

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pamac-manager may be found in the following packages:
chaotic-aur/pamac-aur 10.1.3-1                        /usr/bin/pamac-manager
chaotic-aur/pamac-aur-git 10.1.3.r0.gb7837bb-1        /usr/bin/pamac-manager
chaotic-aur/pamac-classic 7.3.0-2                     /usr/bin/pamac-manager

Seems to be missing. You can re-install:
$ paru pamac-aur

(Usually the first one, chaotic-aur/pamac-aur)


That seems to have done it; Thank you for your help!

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