Add missing firmware modules

Discovered this package on aur and it seems like something that should be install in all flavors including barebones.

Essentially gets rids of those annoying firmware messages when updating the linux kernal so its cuts down on the users potentially complaining about it

You're the only one I hear complaining.

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Fair, never seen them in this forums but its just a QoL thing

Initcpio is critical to operation. Using an AUR package is kinda dicey. This is a brand new package, to boot.

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Sure, I will keep this install to observe if it causes any issue however It fetches these 3 different firmware from existing aur packages that's been there for sometime.

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I always get this warning

WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module: xhci_pci

and some other two which I don't remember. However that hasn't yet caused any issue till now, so I ignore. I this what you want to get rid of?

What if it suppresses notification of a missing critical module? How will you know?

What I'm saying is, fine, you use it or not. Don't expect a distribution--any distribution to incorporate it.

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I read the PKGBUILD. It does, in fact, install those three missing kernel modules.

    "aic94xx-firmware" # aic94xx
    "wd719x-firmware"  # wd719x
    "upd72020x-fw"     # xhc_pic

Oh ya that should not happen! Yes, I don't expect this to be in Garuda by default. Just now getting to know about this thing. I don't think someone would make an AUR package that suppresses necessary messages, but ya nothing can be assured 100%.

See the above. It's actually not a bad idea, other than it's an AUR package, a new one.


I'll install it just to give it a try and see how it goes. As I have Timeshift before being ready to break anything I just freeze the time and travel into the future :

You mean, you recommended a package be made default distribution-wide without even personally testing it beforehand? Really?

P.S. Change your topic header. The package adds not suppresses.

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This is not an error. It is a warning. If you do not have the hardware then you can ignore the warning.



Oh sorry for that! I mistyped.



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Ill just drop this here :smiley:
So yeah, its not really an issue.


Damn, lots of replies

I understand that its not a simple decision to include something like this where it is not really needed since with the warnings, it doesn't affect anything important unless the hardware the user has actually requires it.

Cheers for considering it at least. Just wanted to contribute little more, thats all

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It actually might solve cases of a needed missing module, which I've seen happen (aic94xx).

Thank you for bringing it up for discussion. How else we gonna find out about cool, new stuff, huh?



The first 2 referred to RAID hardware controllers (back in the day) AFAIK. I suppose there is another way to suppress the warnings - but it might well be worse! I think I will just continue to ignore them... :grin:


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