Add Magnet Link instead of Torrent File for download

Torrent download is currently down for Dragonized Gaming Edition. Have not checked the others. Also tried multiple VPNs. It would be nice if it was simply magnet link. This would no longer be a problem.

You can convert the Garuda torrent files to magnet links here.

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This version doesn't really exist anymore, you can add gaming to any DE with the garuda-gamer app.
Thank you for pointing out the error on the website. :slight_smile:
Furthermore, we have no control over the internet and torrent. :wink:

Really? Did I miss the announcement for that?

If you ask me, we should also get rid of dragonized blackarch. Seems like a lot of people who have no idea what they're doing are downloading it, and it just confuses them. Plus, Burp Suite doesn't start last time I checked.

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BlackArch should be like Garuda Gamer which can be installed on top of any edition if needed.


It Exists
Only multimedia is dropped


Me stupid man, thanks for the tip :smiley:

Hi there, welcome to the forums.

Dr460nized gaming edition is working fine for me.

(It's 11:13 pm in India)

Regarding magnet links, we will look into it.


Absolutely. Would be nice if it was a preinstalled, but disabled repository that can just be turned on from Garuda Assistant. That way all the editions can have it as an option.

It will certainly be done when one of the Garuda developers is bored again.
Or you do it zoeronen :smiley:

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Well, Garuda has been helping me learn, so maybe I will, someday soon!

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Just shell scripts :slight_smile:


It started working again but it was not at the time of original post. Still this would never happen again if the simple string of text was added in addition or as a replacement to the torrent file download.




all torrent files restart if their is a break in transmission or the tracker is down, that is the torrent prothetical magnets are just a easier way to start them

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