Add fingerprint reading

Some more amazing features which can be added to make it more awesome.

  • Fingure Print Sensors

I'm assuming mean finger print sensors. Welcome to Garuda!

  1. Fingerprint sensor support on linux is flaky. There is an attempt to bring it through fprint (fprint - ArchWiki) however it is very far from being perfect.
  • It is not Garuda's job to do this.

  • If you want it of course it is possible! Follow the Arch Wiki and do it yourself.

  1. Perhaps you meant offering the option in the welcome app. The problem with that is fprint is not ready. It barely supports anything and by offering the option the devs are then expected to deal with it not working. Which - guess what - is not their fault.

I've probably missed something and forgive me if I've misunderstood your question and once again...

:garuda: Welcome to Garuda Linux!


This exactly. There is no real way to do this "easily" (I mean easy for beginners) on KDE or other DE's for example as it involves using the command line to register the fingerprint & editing pam files afterwards which could easily break the system if done wrong. That being said, the ArchWiki has a pretty good guide :smiley:
The only exception of this is, afaik, just GNOME. They have a fingerprint sensor option in their system settings - at least at my machine.

If you want to have fun using Garuda I strongly suggest to have a look at the ArchWiki as mostly all contents and questions answered you can think of :smiley: In this case:


Fingerprint sensor support on linux is flaky. So this request has to be turned down. :roll_eyes: