Account deletion request - not anonymized, deleted

please delete my account and all the information associated with it. i don’t want it to be anonymous (anon), i want it deleted, especially all the threads of mine

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

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This is very interesting to know.
Indeed everyone should be aware that nothing can really be deleted from the internets, even if deleted here it’s likely in caches and archives and screenshots all over the place.
Still, I think it would be nice to make users aware upon registering what the rules of the game are.
General advice to the navigators: your account is not really yours, nowhere.
Think about it, not even your house is really yours.


All personal data required to register in the forum will be deleted. E-mail address and, if applicable, the real name.
The forum nickname will be changed to anonxxx.

This is done so that the threads remain readable, and problem solutions are not deleted. Likewise, posts that violate the forum rules or other laws will not be deleted (PM).

Yes, the Internet forgets nothing, the forum crawlers alone make sure of that :smiley:



Technically its possible to delete all posts, however I don’t think this would actually be good for the forum. Thinking about how replies and entire threads are completely out of context this way, I’d rather not go ahead delete them.

As stated here, since there is no longer any personal data involved, this is sufficient in my opinion. Of course, in case there are posts containing such data (which everyone should be aware of - can be an issue and out of our hands - imagine certain pages getting snapshotted in Wayback machine, can’t undo that) we can still delete them manually.


By the way, things just stopped working for a few seconds and I got this message when reloading the page:

This website is currently offline. Cloudflare’s Always Online™ shows a snapshot of this web page from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. To check for the live version, click Refresh.

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There has been a quick server reboot after updating it :sweat_smile:

I know who you are/were since your msgs to me also “disappeared.”

There was no information provided in your help requests, no garuda-inxi, no nothing. It was requested multiple times, and its absence noted by those responding.

Not receiving help is one thing; not providing the required information so that we could help you was entirely on you. We did our part.


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