Accidentally deleted BTRFS partitiion table.... Still recoverable?

Hi all,

I very mistakenly did a simple delete disk command through a Windows 11 install USB. I did NOT format the 2TB NVMe (This is the SSD that Garuda was/is on). It currently shows as just unallocated space.

Is it possible to recover any of my data? Can I simply just re-create a partition table over the top without formatting? I'm a bit green to BTRFS and the way it works. I couldn't find a topic quite as simply stupid as my own, so apologies if there was one out there.


A simple delete command should not modify the partition table on a disk. Check with parted or similar that the partition table and filesystem are still intact.

There is an in-built file recovery feature in Btrfs, although I must admit I have no personal experience using it. Check the man page and see if it seems relevant: btrfs-restore(8) - Linux manual page

This person created a script based on the btrfs-restore tool which may be worth a look:

Some of the "issues" are actually just people saying thank you, which is kind of weird but promising at least, to show some folks have success with it.

Here are some other threads with discussion that may be relevant:

Good luck, I hope you are able to get your stuff back.

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Thank you @BluishHumility and sorry @SGS I was a bit confused where to put this topic.

Will report back shortly. I'm going to try that undelete-btrfs tool first. The reason I mentioned it was a "simple delete command" was because I.....

Windows shame inside

shamefully caused all this from a Windows 11 install, the part with the Partition screen and the red X 'delete' button

Thanks again!

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