Accepting Advice/Suggestions - Anyone tried this before?

Hi Everybody!

So, here's my situation and what I'm looking to do: Currently, I have an Asus X570-E Motherboard (Ryzen 9 3900X CPU- not that I don't guess that matters) and I have a Corsair Force MP600 1TB NVMe SSD in slot 1 that has Win10 installed on it and a Sabrent Rocket 4.0 500MB NVMe SSD in slot 2 with Garuda installed on it. I bought another Corsair MP600 1TB drive to install in the second slot so that I can switch the BIOS to RAID mode and configure the NVMe's in RAID 0 mode, then split that RAID array into 2 - 1TB partitions. I want to clone Win10 from the existing drive onto one of them and clone Garuda onto the other. I have a 4TB WD Black SATA drive as a data drive partitioned as ExFAT that can hold the existing OS images while I'm setting up the RAID array and still be accessible by both OS's when the time comes to transfer.....Now, since one of the drives that's going in this array is already holding an OS and will need to be formatted, I'll need to either image or backup the drive ahead of time to the HDD because it'll get wiped. The Garuda drive is in the same situation because it simply won't have anywhere to stay connected to the system because it's slot will be taken up by the second (new) drive of the array that's to be, so it also will need to be imaged/backed up ahead of time. At which point I should be able to replace the Garuda drive with the new Corsair drive, set up my array, then I need to clone those images or restore the backups to the newly created split partitions of the RAID array.....

My question is: Has anyone done anything similar to this and if so, are there any pitfalls I'm not considering? Also, what method/software would you recommend for the imaging/backup/restoration operations that will need performed? I'm sure I'll need to use two different solutions for each of the OS's, at least that's my assumption. I think I could simply use dd from the Garuda live USB to migrate the image and restore it to the RAID array for the linux part, and I'm thinking either use WinPE environment to backup/restore in a similar method for the Windows half or possibly something like Acronis...Anyone have any suggestions for this?


Whatever you do, make sure to have a verified backup of all important files on an external HDD, unplugged from your computer.

So, if you mess something up (and with such manoeuvring, the chance something will go wrong is not negligible), you can always reinstall all the operating systems and restore the backups.


Yeah for sure! I've already got both OS's fully backed up externally, just in case....I think the odds of this going off without a hitch are unlikely at best, but I'm going to give it a whirl and see what happens! I just want to have both OS's benefiting from the advantages of operating from a RAID 0 me greedy haha....

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