About the recent cinnamon bug

There was a post about this bug due to the smart hide panel feature but i have been experiencing different bugs not related to that feature making my system barely usable. Cinnamon devs have pushed a fix but this crashes cinnamon/windows manager entirley from a fresh install.

This seems to be the fix i noticed in a recent update.

These are some of the issues i am having but it is closed.

So i am just looking for advice, should i post a issue on github? And any tips on how to do so properly. Thanks

On second thought it's probably best to just wait as others have posted similar issues on github now.

It's closed because it's fixed.

No, don't open another issue for something that has already been fixed.

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I understand but i am referring to a different bug as it now crashes DE/WM with the new update.

Hi there, please see

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