About new Ram memory

Hello everyone! As said on the title, I got myself a new RAM memory, I'm going from 4gb to 16gb now and I'm going to have it installed soon (well at least I hope so) and I wanted to know:
Is there anything I need to do afterwards?
I know for example on other OSs that I'd need to adjust the size of the swap file/partition, but Garuda has zram and other things going on, I just want to be sure I know what to do afterwards.

Thank you all for your time and in advance for any help!

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well ... i think you shouldn't need to do anything.

I think zram-generator should use half the ram you have, so should increase the zram swap automaticly ( I am not completly sure, because I already edited my /etc/systemd/zram-generator.conf and I don't remember the defaults ). But if it doesn't, check that file.

Other than that, you have to start using more heavy apps ! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh ... and reboot after installing the RAM :stuck_out_tongue: heheh


Using more heavy apps, or either start using their heavy functions xD
I'm super struggling with 3D and specially video editing that is done all on the CPU... well most of it nowadays, but yet heavily depends on ram

But well, great news! Garuda being Garuda once again, doing all the heavy work by it self : 3

Thanks for the reply, @alexjp !

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Don't take this the wrong way, I don't mean to criticise but, rather to inform.
RAM = Random Access Memory. So you don't have add memory at the end.

This is a personal pet peeve of mine, that comes from the phrase ATM machine.
Because ATM = Automatic Teller Machine, so what everyone is really saying is Automatic Teller Machine Machine.

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