About me and why

I am a 50 year old guy living in Sweden.
I have been a Linux user for a couple decades. But I have only used and tried debian based distros. I have tried pure arch and Manjaro earlier but always found them too cumbersome. I thought that MX-Linux were gonna be the last distro I used, I have not doen much distro hopping in 5 years. But I read a lot about Garuda Linux so I thought I might give it a try. I downloaded the KDE version.

I have been using Garuda for the past month or so and find it very nice, especially the BTRFS and easily handled snapshots that takes away lots of the risks with a bleeding edge distro. But I still have not experienced any problems after updates or software installations. And Arch/garuda feels notably faster than MX. Even some quirks I have had with my monitor (in MX I couldnt get 120Mhz from my monitor, just 100Mhz) and occacional problems with waking up from sleep (monitor stayed black) But everything just seems to work. Kudos to the developers!




Garuda is awesome, you're gonna love it.

welcome to the family =-)


Hi and welcome to the Garuda forum :smiley:

Have a great time!
Btw Garuda stopped my distro hopping, although it wasn't that intense tbh. But I felt home and daily drive it almost a year right now (in March it will be one year, including the test phase)


Now almost exactly one year later and 614 updates to Garuda and NONE has borked it. This freaking distro can not break it seems.
That is beyond awesome job from all involving keeping Garuda alive!

All respect to you guys and gals!