About gaming edition

I am thinking about trying out Garuda linux, for my home system. I prefer Gnome desktop or XFCE desktop, over KDE desktop. But Gaming edition is available only on KDE version.

My question is :

  1. Is the only difference for gaming edition is pre-installed softwares, or are those softwares have some custom configurations to play better?

  2. If I install garuda xfce, and install all the softwares listed in the gaming edition, will it be same as having a gaming edition with a lighter desktop environment?


Yes, use Garuda-Gamer.


Thanks, I have finished installing garuda XFCE on my home pc and exploring it. One by one, I am installing all the packages listed on the website, on the gamer edition popup.

Is there a page or wiki which have a detailed “gaming edition” patches/guide which I can follow? Found it on the wiki page.

There should be a garuda gaming collection , similar to sudo pacman -S base-devel for basic development tools, Something like sudo pacman -S garuda-gaming which will install all the softwares in gaming edition.

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