A2DP sink profile is unavailable

Check your version of bluez first; bluez > 5.58-1 is problematic. Also, if you want to trigger the bug, delete the /var/lib/bluetooth directory. What happens is that newer versions of bluez create this directory (along with the files inside it) in a wrong way, resulting in the issue. If this directory was created by an older version of bluez (5.58-1 or older), the issue will not trigger, as the directory won't be overwritten by newer versions (unless you pair a new device, in which case the issue will only affect the new device). More info on arch forums.

That is the opinion of 4 users one being you is not a Arch user so you don't count as you don't use arch , not really convincing i would say its just down to one of those things that happen. i don't have 5.58-1 on my install so according to you i should have a problem but then i use gnome and use bluetooth explicitly for sound output and would of picked it up surely.

Whatever, I'm just trying to be helpful. If you say so, whoami to judge, right?

Issue was confirmed and fixed with a recent commit. bluez-git and the soon to be released bluez 5.60 should solve the issue. More info on GitHub.


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