A suggestion about Garuda Welcome Setup Assist

I suggest the we should have the Setup Assistant as a separate app Just like Garuda Gamer, So that you can check :heavy_check_mark: the options and proceed the installation,as it can become handy, when you have all the major App nicely organised and with short descriptions

It is a separate app
Just doesn't have its own . desktop file.

You can launch it from terminal


Im pretty sure it does have a starter :eyes:


Yeah it’s true that is a separate app,
Maybe I was not clear there. What I was trying to say is that, instead of doing next-next to get to the next options, we can have it like this

Click on the required option and install our choices.
You should remove the next button and make it like this.

Suppose, some day long after Garuda's installation I want to install a virtual machine software, in present state, I would have to do next-next through all unwanted options to reach the last option, which ins my exaple in VMs
Wheresas, in the layout I have presented above, you just have to click on the desired category and proceed, and not run through the entire script, I think you got my point.

Yeah you can install from pamac, which too has categorised apps but, Setup assistant can be quite handy.

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Use the terminal, installs exactly what you want, no wasted time involved.

No muss, no fuss.

This isn't Manjaro.


But I this layout is better for setup assistant

Screw Manjaro. @Austin, if you haven't noticed yet, the mention of that 'M' distribution leaves a dirty taste in some of our forum members mouths.

Kinda like the 'T' word to Stephen Colbert.


Now, forget about that *anjaro thing. My suggestion is quite reasonable

Personal taste.
We, or at least I, believe that it is much easier to learn how to install something from the terminal.
This is Linux!!!!!

Yeah you are absolutely write, and I too completely use terminal most of the time, since Setup Assistant already exists, we can make it better.

You can checkout sparkylinux aptus

It's made in yad same as setup-assistant

Then make a merge request on gitlab.


I am now having a look at Sparky Linux Aptus, but,
I am not able to find the equivalent of the below for Arch Linux:
dpkg-query -l | grep linux-image | grep -v meta | grep -v template | cut -d ' ' -f 3 > /tmp/old-kernel-remover/kernellist0

What is the arch equivalent of -y in, for eg- sudo apt update -y

I assumed -y was yes to autoupdate, but it's been so long since I've actually used a Debian based system I'd forgotten. The Arch equivilent should be:

sudo pacman -Syu --noconfirm

See the pacman rossetta entry on the Arch Wki.


Any Idea about the fist, I am kind of confused with how to use wildcard,

Basically the command is to list all old kernels, so that it can be removed

That would be a bit of a tough one as the are other packages that start with "linux-". You could use | grep -v to ignore all packages that you don't want removed. You need to learn how the grep command works.


But, what about its dependencies?

There is no need for this on arch it's not debian or ubuntu


One question, if I ask you, is there a way that, I can install this package with its dependencies (for testing purposes), but I don't wanted to do it, on the root system, which I am running?

Well you can't
You have to install package in root filesystem
Unless it's a python app
Or flatpak or appimage app which doesn't need to be installed

Though you can run it without installing if it's a source package you just need to run compiled binary


A note here - perhaps it was missed that the name of the kernel - whichever it is - does not change with updates. The new, updated setup replaces the previous one using the same name - thus no need to remove 'old' ones.