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Would you please consider a Raspberry Pi build in the future with OBS studio (it’s not so easy to install and get working properly on that platform).

Garuda Linux is designed for high performance on high-end computers so ARM devices like Pi may never get official support.


Manjaro has official ARM-support, so does OpenSuse, if you like tinkering, Arch Linux itself can be installed on a RaspberryPi.

Better use EnOS :smiley:


Ah okay. Last time I checked it was in development but not yet ready. :wink:

Yeah, Endeavorous is Vanilla Arch but easier to handle. Can be a good choice.

I've heard good things about the Pop_OS Raspberry Pi image. It would be a good option for this kind of use case.


This is helpful the only thing is I love the UI design on Garuda. It speaks to me lol. Also I didn’t realize Garuda was geared towards high end systems specifically. I’m running a dual core Intel laptop with I believe 8gb of ram. Onboard graphics. I can capture usb mic, webcam, and desktop @1080p 60. Pi 4 Model B is similar different architecture of course. I’m sure I don’t understand what goes into system architecture though. Anyways thanks for everyone’s response. Just thought I’d share a dream lol.

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Thanks for recommending us.

If you install KDE on EnOS arm, you can get Garuda KDE themes and configuration either from building them from Garuda PKGBUILDS or from the AUR.
You also have the option to install btrfs from our installer and then use snapper and btrfs-assistant to configure snapshots.
Basically we provide a vanilla KDE and you have to configure it yourself.


and here i figured i was the only one running garuda (kde dragonized actually) on a dual core laptop. tho mine only had 4 gig of ram, ran pretty well. except it was an intel chip hit particularly bad by the spectre and meltdown debacles, but still ran great for what it was. R.I.P. it was a lenovo and the keyboard doesn't work and now makes sure that the usb ports don't work either

death to all lenovo

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