A question about install

I recently switched to a laptop and I wanted to install garuda on it, but it didn't work, I wrote the system to a USB stick. Then boot through the U disk to enter the initial page, which is the page where you can choose the open source driver and nvdia. After entering, the page is stuck.
The following is the picture of the stuck, I have waited up to 20 minutes.

My laptop is mainly as follows
CPU:AMD 7840h
Memory:Samsung DDR5 4800MHz

After I wrote this, I thought of a solution, which is to disable dGPU only in the BIOS. I successfully entered the live, but then how to install the nvdia driver? The laptop I used before didn't have a dgpu, so I don't have much experience.

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I don't have nvidia card, meanwhile these may be useful:
NVIDIA - ArchWiki
Switching between integrated and dedicated graphics | Garuda Linux wiki
I think, if I understand correctly, you would first install with free drivers, then install the dkms nvidia drivers, then re-enable it from BIOS and :crossed_fingers: -- er, wait, maybe enable it before?

Note: I see the Arch wiki page has a part about mkinitcpio, but dracut is used on recent Garuda ISOs.


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