A Newbie Testimony

That topic title :rofl:

So wow! Some of you are aware of my existence on this forum and I just wanted to give some feedback. I really really enjoy this community and it's attitude. Over time I have come to despise social media and I have slowly isolated myself on the internet, which is wild because everyone (mostly) is on the damn thing.

I can't remember which pinned thread I just got done reading through but it was 119 posts long. The thing is I enjoyed the read. That's a lot of reading about help vampires and basically how to ask questions on here and insights into having consideration for the dev team. Very very easy to take the team for granted by the way. Not on purpose on my part but just newbieness.

My Garuda experience has been awesome. Garuda has been able to do everything I need it to do on my janky laptop. The help on the forums has been fast and friendly with maybe a nudge of RTFM sprinkled here and there. I wasn't abused requesting a raspberry pi flavor of Garuda which is a lot more than I realized I was asking for lol. By the way I like that you kept the request part of the forum. I don't mind being told no but I like that I can share ideas with the dev team. That's an awesome feeling and you never know when inspiration will strike.

I really enjoy the idea of teaching a user to fish. I like that ideology as a guide stone for the the forums. By all means push me to study harder, to still care about my education in technology. Windows sucks some of that soul out of you after excessive use. I do feel more equipped now to better prepare myself to either ask a question or figure it out. I feel a little more confident seeing Garuda in action and seeing how while it may be a task to fix it's very hard to actually break provided a little bit of paranoia about deleting you entire filesystem. :rofl:

It's taken a few years to warm up to linux in general. Wasn't as shiny when I first meandered over here. -LOL- You know I think I'm just getting old perhaps. I don't care as much about the shine. More about the precision, the power, the motherlovin freedom! The real peace and quiet that comes with this particular flavor of technology design philosophy. It's Gardua though that really IMO brings everything I'm looking for together. A flawless blend of polish, power, and overall ease for the newb/user with plenty of room to grow and graze beyond those newbie pastures. An enviroment that inspires while giving the user access to near unlimited power if he/she should acquire the skill-set to make use of it. I feel like this is really where a user should start their journey with computer technology. Perhaps that's misguided having done all the tinkering I have over the years and of course the evolution of technology but still.

Anyways I enjoy it here. I enjoy this forum as a community. It's peaceful and meaningful. In the future I'll do more due diligence to research any issues I may have before I post a thread. I have a better understanding of the issue now and it makes sense to me that the search functionality of this forum is solid for current users and those to come. But by far you bunch are not rude :rofl: that's hilarious. I found sincerity. Don't lose that!

All in all 10/10 distro at some point I'll get a review up on Distro Watch but also you're stuck with me. Hope that doesn't ruffle too many feathers. Keep up the great work!



Welome to Garuda!


Couldn't have said it better! :sunglasses::+1:
These forums are definitely one of the best online communities I've come across in the past decade. So supportive, and friendly as long as you take on board the motto of "treat others how you'd like to be treated".

Imo the people who find the people here 'rude' are people who don't like having their mistakes pointed out. Having a growth mindset is important to avoid misconceptions like this.

There's so much to learn here, even as a lurker who mostly spends my time reading posts rather than engaging in discussion :blush:




Not everyone. :wink:

The fishing analogy is very appropriate, and is an excellent way of looking at many things in life. As an old guy who's been using Linux a long time, I can guarantee you you're never too old to learn. Most people have the capacity to learn how to use Linux, it simply requires the desire to learn.

Glad to hear you like the forum. Welcome to the Garuda community.

:+1: :wave:


Yeah, same here. One of the cool things about Garuda, is that it has alot of services for both privacy and not have to create an account, on those same despicable social medias.
My social media needs these days is almost 99% RO -> read only. (comming from a reddit addict, the fact that I haven't commented or even gone to reddit in months is super weird).
But congrats to you, social media is a productivity and life sinker.

Sounds interesting !! Can you share the link to that distro "Gardua" ??!? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I still hop from time to time between Garuda, Gentoo and NixOS. each have its points and merits. Like I said in my introduction, Garuda is almost like I always set up my gentoo box, and its cool to learn new apps or things, as I can't know all the open source universe.

I know that they do this, but I kinda disagree with Garuda on this. Fish is cool but I think Nushell is the future ! Xonsh is also awesome ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing Nushell and xonsh for my attention. For now, I'm perfectly happy with fish, but it's good to know about the other options out there.


Good call, I can relate to your experience. Garuda has been awesome. I used to distro hop regularly, but I haven't even considered doing it since finding Garuda.

I love the way Garuda handles a ton of the complex stuff for you while still allowing you the full benefits of digging in deep when you want to. In particular the automatic snapshots and ability to roll back in moments if an update causes an issue was a key quality of life improvement. And the styling in Dr460nized was matched up to my preferences without having to do much at all. Any issues I have had are related to various software I'm using, not Garuda.



I also was a distro hopper, but being a regular member of BDLL(Big Daddy Linux Live) testing distros, it was like a cold I caught, an itch to switch often! But I plan to stay put, this works great for me!


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