A few questions

Hey folks,

I got a few small questions today and not exactly assistance as these are not impacting my system in any way.

  1. How do I enable the shutdown text (the green (OK) text) I have no idea what to call it so it’s been difficult finding the key for this. At the moment I’m just seeing a black screen and then the system powers off.
  2. On x11, I can use my controller to raise/lower volume using the ps4 shortcuts (PS logo and up/down on joystick), on wayland I haven’t found a way to enable this behavior in full screen windows like games. I can only do it from my keyboard. Any idea?
  3. How can I auto-mount my NVME ssd on boot? this is a secondary drive used for storage and not my main garuda ssd.

I doubt I need the inxi for this but let me know if I do. Thanks guys.

By removing the kernel parameter quiet.

By editing /etc/fstab accordingly. If you prefer a GUI for this: gnome-disk-utility can do that too with one click.


wayland still doesn’t support global shortcuts apart from kde’s xwayland way and hyprlands implantation they dont really work like x11 an the wayland group is being super slow on implementing this its been years

can try this here

I couldn’t find the exact topic but here is the issue an still is like this it has links in the description to all the desktops an such

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Thanks a lot for the help guys. All worked. Just a few knacks from moving from x11 to wayland I suppose! Much appreciated

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