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Hello everyone! :wave:t2:
I hope you are alright and feeling fine! During the last few hours, a major repository cleanup & a lot of package fixes took place. The cleanup had the goal of spending less time building these packages & wasting less energy.

Most of the removed packages concerned the garuda-builder routines - here a lot of the listed packages were in fact not used anymore by respective maintainers, making them redundant. Some other packages were either severely outdated or not building anymore for a longer period of time.

This might have the side effect of also having removed a few packages that other people were using (as the packages were never requested since they were available already). If you are wondering why a package is suddenly marked as "foreign" if it wasn't before, it is very likely that the cleanup was causing it.

Don't be afraid, we can easily add them back (given they build successfully) - just open up an issue at our packages repo (Sign in to GitHub ยท GitHub) and we will handle the rest! :blush:

At this point, since we never really had a proper announcement, I would also like to thank @Technetium and @alexjp for helping out with package maintenance and @itsTyrion and @shrirangkahale for providing their mirrors. :relaxed:

Finally, 5.18 TKG kernel builds are getting started soon, the toolbox was still serving building 5.17 ones until now. That's it for now, have a nice time! :cat:


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