A big thank you to the garuda team and community

I’ve been silent and in lurk mode in here and the arch wiki, trying to keep up with over a decade of updates on the open source world, before that I used to be one of those daily driving slackware and gentoo but, being a gamer, I abandoned linux for a much comfortable gaming experience on a platform that I never liked.
A month ago I finally decided to see if something changed, partitioned and tried a few distros:
after all the problems with the horrible nvidia drivers (still glitchy with wayland but x11 has horrible performances on desktop), the pain trying to undervolt and the countless hours spent learning the basics of arch I can say that Garuda is a great distro, one to recommend to whoever is serious about replacing windows in every aspect, it gives ALL the tools: in around 2 hours I went from booting the live usb to playing helldivers 2 on linux.

I have a suggestion as a garuda newbie: please insert a toggle somewhere to disable the borderless maximized windows on kde, personally not a problem but for many can be a huge drawback and unnecessary obstacle (in ~/.config/kwinrc edit “BorderlessMaximizedWindows=false”).

That said… Thank you again, a truly masterpiece of a distro!
Keep up the good work guys.


garuda welcome 2 :slight_smile:

and have fun in the forum.


Welcome to the Garuda community @Nix. :wave: