5 months on Garuda and no Issues

I switched from Manjaro to Garuda after Manjaro completely broke on me. I made the switch back around November '22 and I am still absolutely loving this distro. I have had 0 issues with it (aside from octopi freezing if you click check updates immediately after opening it) and this distro just keeps impressing.

I just want to extend a huge thank you to the Garuda team for developing such an amazing arch-based distro. You guys have done some great work and keep it up!

I'm also open to any advice on tweaks to try out for appearances/etc if anybody wants to suggest anything.



Maybe you wanna try my conky theme?


It looks awesome, but might be a bit much for me. If I can save my current setup before trying it then sure! I'd love to give it a spin!

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This Conky theme looks amazing man. Good job on theming it!!


You can simply backup entire home folder, and restore it when you want.

Also, it won't even require banking up, you simply have to uninstall conky after you are done.

That's a beautiful Conky! I noticed you're running it under, what, Cinnamon? Have you tried it in KDE?

He is the Cinnamon maintainer, after all! Not to say KDE is off-limits of course, but probably good that he keeps a Cinnamon box going. :wink:

I really think Cinnamon is a tragically under-appreciated DE. Perhaps people dismiss it because it's associated with Linux Mint (perceived as a "noob" distro), but it really is robust and polished. Not as featureful as KDE, of course--but then again, what is?


Yeah I am on Cinnamon.

No, I haven't tried on KDE. I like to use cinnamon over KDE, just personnel preference :smiley:

I agree, I simply love Cinnamon. Not that I haven't used KDE, I have used it for more than year. Its just that I like kind off "simpler" DE nowadays. I started my journey with Cinnamon, switched to KDE for sometime, and came back to cinnamon.

Yeah, it is made for "Elegance", while KDE is aimed to be more powerful.


Manjaro really needs a warning label.

If breakages occur, and they usually do, stop using Manjaro immediately and consult your Arch-wiki and repeatedly squeeze your stress ball. Out of sync packages can cause the following symptoms; your head may explode in a fit of rage, high blood pressure, screaming in the corner in incoherent babble, and in severe cases, explosive diarrhea. Seek help immediately and choose another Arch distribution.


I love your contributions here @RodneyCK, but please let's all try not to let the forum devolve into a place where distro bashing becomes commonplace. Let's all try to respect other distros on our forum, even if they like to bash Garuda on their forum with regularity.

:hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


I tried setting it up. It looks wonky on my system lol. I am using KDE though. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.

Can you share a screen shot, so I can get a better idea?

That is most probably due to resolution difference. Are you using higher than 1080p display?

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Yeah, I'm running 1440p

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