3 white dots when loading KDE version


Have been using Garuda for about 1 month now and love it.

I am by NO MEANS a technical expert - infact quite the opposite.

I was trying to install the KDE version of Garuda today (latest from mirrors) and it just seems to sit with 3 white dots in the middle of the screen and not move.

If I install the XFCE version the same thing happens but eventually clears after a few minutes ( Then boots up normally after that )

I appreciate this is vague but is this something someone has come up against before?

Thanks in advance

Use driver = non free while booting


ok popping out for my daily walk and will try that on return thank you

I think the opposite, if you use nvidia, you must use free driver, nonfree is standard. Later you must install nvidia driver if you have screen tearing.


SGS that did the trick! Thank you :slight_smile:


so basically right now free driver is the only one working properly for any graphics card?

No, did not work on boot, seems kernel problem.

Well, free drivers are meant for dedicated gpu ,ig.

But free drivers work on integrated ones too.
However, non free are recommended for integrated graphics card.

I thought non-free was about nvidia cards. integrated, dedicated, whatever…

I am not exactly sure how non-free setup is integrated in Garuda ISO, but I hope it is not very much connected with mhwd. Anyway, it is too complicated…