2019 macbook air

Hi all

Has anyone been able to install Garuda on a 2019 macbook air ?

It has the TPM security chip but is an intel mac so i think the security chip can be disabled.

Why not just try it and see? TPM chip being enabled is not a problem.

I am being offered one for sale at a good price and just wanted to see if it has a good chance of working before purchasing it. Thanks

You might want to glance over my post here and the links....

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My own personal advice would be to never buy a Mac if you are intending to run Linux. It's not that they cannot be made to run Linux, but it's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I have spent countless hours trying to help people get their Mac hardware working with Linux, and it's just not worth the aggravation unless you really know what you are doing. Unless you already own a Mac, do yourself a favour and instead buy a used laptop with known good Linux compatibility. Save yourself a bunch of frustration and purchase something like a used Lenovo or Dell laptop that that run Linux without major problems.


I totally agree with this for any mac 2016 on. I have installed linux on macbook pros 2015 and imacs even earlier with no issue (using the more modern kernels.)

2016 on...a total nightmare. :exploding_head:


While earlier Macs may allow you to install Linux far more easily, they often have many problems getting their Broadcom wifi chips to work reliably with Linux. So, IMO just steer clear unless you know someone who owns the same model and can vouch for it working well with Arch & derivatives. Otherwise you're likely to have more headaches than it's worth unless you are a very experienced Linux user.


Newer Macs don't have TPM, they have T2. Macs with T2 chip are a pain to get working with Linux, pain as in keyboard/touchpad don't work and custom kernels are necessary for some functionality.
If you are allowed to buy now and refund in a limited time, you can try your chance.


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