2 in 1 touchscreen stops working in tablet mode

I'm using Dragonized on a Lenovo Thinkpad L13 Yoga. The touchscreen works when in laptop mode but not in tablet mode.

I was wondering if there was anything that can be done on this topic?

How do you define (or know the state) of each mode?
Is there any utility?
My Lenovo (Ideapad C340) does not provide any info for tablet mode in ACPI codes, and I have not found any info, driver or utility to help.

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i guess its when i flip it and the keyboard turns off. the touch screen will work for a short period of time but the top left corner will not respond to any input then it will stop working entirely

I can report the same issue with using Garuda Gnome. Top left corner of the screen does not respond.

It seems your model has a proper signal for the mode change. You should look into dmesg or/and journal for relevant messages and possibly subsequent errors.

Since it happens in both DEs, consider a HW fault, or a driver misbehavior. Check for messages in the logs. Also in Xorg and especially with wacom utilities.

I haven't tried all of the above in the links, so I would appreciate your feedback in order to find my way ...easier :laughing:

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