14-day close is good but maybe too strict

Was just thinking, closing a topic after 14 days is a good thing but wouldn't it be better to be able to re-open a topic under strict guidelines such as:

  • Issue must have resurfaced.
  • Reply must contribute a new solution

to reopen. That way, cut down on new redundant threads. Just a thought. Keep up good worx

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I would like to see a thread open just for general questions,

Might help out with the bumping of old post,

Maybe not so much a walk through on what to do, but just to link to a tread and show your issue that is "stumping" you, and finding a quick pointer instead of Bumping an old post or creating a new one.

I was just thinking about this yesterday.

Reopening is no problem. Just open a post and add the link to the closed one.

14 days is a long time for a rolling distro :slight_smile: unfortunately the
Changes to the automatic closure only apply to new posts.
I had hoped to include all the others as well, since there are always users who revive old topics.


I thought of that too but it's still creating a dupe. I'm imagining a long-running bug or maybe some semi-popular though obscure edge-case hard to nail down. Could wind up with a huge web of topics about the same thing.

When I was thinking about the solution of allowing, it crossed my mind that it could be a request requiring mod approval: Maybe a button "Request reopen" or even better: It allows you to reply but if it's closed, gives you a message with the aforementioned restrictions/requirements. Then, it goes to a mod queue.

Idk if that's even possible with this forum software without custom code but where there's a will, there's a way. IMO it would be worth it if a solution already exists to do it. Otherwise, maybe too much work.

Yes :wink:

you can email some Admin or Mod.

Or new Topic will be moved to the old topic by Garuda Team.


Or simply message on forums itself.


yeah, there's always mod merging. The feature would mostly be to relieve mod stress but maybe it isn't so much of an issue here (yet). Anyway, at least the issue raised for future thought should the forum become super-busy at some point. Thanks for replies.


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